Our Organization

NATO Science and Technology OrganizationThe Science and Technology Organization (STO) is a NATO subsidiary body having the same legal status than the NATO itself, and created within the framework of the North Atlantic Treaty signed in Washington in 1949. It has been established with a view to meeting to the best advantage the collective needs of NATO, NATO Nations and partner Nations in the fields of Science and Technology. The STO is operated under the authority of the North Atlantic Council which has delegated the operations of the STO to a Board of Directors (the S&T Board – STB) comprising the NATO Nations S&T managers. The STB is chaired by the NATO Chief Scientist who is a high level recognized S&T leader of a NATO Nation, being permanently assigned to the NATO headquarters in Brussels and also serving as the senior scientific advisor to the NATO leadership.

Collaboration Support Office (former RTA)Office of the Chief ScientistCentre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (former NURC)


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