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Full Duplex Radio Technology for Military Applications

IST Task Group Meeting on Full Duplex Radio Technology for Military Applications - 25-27 November 2019, Belgium

Present and future tactical communication services in NATO-led operations like NATO Response Forces (NRF), Very High Readiness Joint Task Form (VJTF), Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP), and in NATO initiatives like the Federated Mission Networking (FMN) are raising more attention. Consequently, more military frequency spectrum is required to satisfy the information exchange needs in the wireless tactical communications domain, and this needs to be protected against electronic warfare threats, including intentional jamming, interception, reconnaissance. Additionally, frequency spectrum is a scarce and limited resource, which cannot be augmented, leading to the challenge of using the frequency spectrum as efficiently as possible.

Among several solutions to cope with the spectrum challenge discussed by a previous IST Exploratory Team (IST-101), is the emerging in-band full duplex radio technology. IST's Research Task Group on Full Duplex Radio Technology for Military Applications (IST-175) aims precisely at describing possible applications, resulting challenges and opportunities to implement full duplex principles. In addition, the RTG might work on a multinational demonstrator for showing the benefits of full duplex principles in various application domains.

The second working group meeting of IST-175 took place on 25-27 November 2019, in Brussels, Belgium.


Published 2019-12-02T23:00:00Z by IST