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Sensing Systems for Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) of Military Vehicles

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Applied Vehicle Technology

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Aircraft Health Management, Diagnostic, IVHM, Prognostics, Sensors, SHM, Structural Health Monitoring


Concepts of health and usage monitoring have been introduced to lower maintenance cost and to increase availability of military systems. As civil systems, military systems can greatly benefit from sensors and prognostics algorithms to reduce maintenance costs; however, military systems are used in a different ways and often in extreme environments. As a result, requirements for military sensor systems differ from that of civil systems, as they should be able to survive extreme conditions while sensing and predicting the remaining component life. Therefore, long-term reliability and accuracy of acquired data under service loading conditions as well as economic issues related to the implementation of sensing technologies in new and legacy military platforms needs further attention.


The objective of this AVT-305 Specialist Meeting is to offer an opportunity for both sensor developers and military vehicle operators to discuss the current status and implementation of sensing technologies for military vehicle health management. The goal is to improve the readiness level of such technologies for integration within the new and legacy military platforms to improve mission availability and safety while reducing operational and maintenance costs.


• Advanced sensing technologies for aircraft Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) • Advanced sensing technologies for gas turbine engines • Advanced sensing technologies for aircraft systems (landing gears etc.) • Wireless sensors • Energy harvesting / self-powered sensors • Smart / embedded sensors • Long-term durability and reliability of sensors due to load and environmental effects • Implementation of sensors in new vehicles and platforms • Implementation of sensors in legacy vehicles and platforms • Sensor data acquisition, storage, and processing

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