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Rotorcraft Flight Simulation Model Fidelity Improvement and Assessment

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Applied Vehicle Technology

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fidelity metrics, flight dynamics, flight simulation, flight simulation model update, inverse simulation, rotorcraft, system identification


Rotorcraft flight dynamics simulation models require high levels of fidelity to be suitable as prime items in support of life cycle practises; particularly vehicle and control design/development, and system and trainer certification. More rigorous and systematic practises for fidelity assessment and enhancement could pay huge dividends in reducing life cycle costs for both military and civil rotorcraft. The proposed technical activity will develop advanced and standardized simulation model fidelity metrics and compare a range of methods to improve the flight simulation model’s fidelity using case studies based on current flight test results. Militaries will be able to use the methods and metrics presented to set criteria that will underpin the use of modelling and simulation in certification to accelerate development and acquisition and reduce costs of new aircraft systems as well as legacy system upgrades. The criteria may also set standards for training devices to support the expansion of synthetic environments for training to offset the cost high costs of flying hours.


The research activity will develop and document various methods for updating flight dynamics math models with flight data. Different update methods may best suited for different end applications. The activity will also investigate different model fidelity metrics as suitable for the final intent of the model.


Rotorcraft flight dynamics modeling methods; flight simulation model update using flight data; model fidelity assessment metrics.

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