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Human Factors and ISR Concept Development and Evaluation

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Human Factors and Medicine

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Evaluation Metrics, Human Factors, Joint ISR, Modelling Simulation, Operations, Social Sciences


An Exploratory Team (NATO HFM ET-145) on Human Factors (HF) and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Concept Development and Evaluation (CD&E) was created in January 2016 to analyse the role that HF plays in the Joint ISR (JISR) CD&E process and to determine the viability of developing a HF framework and evaluation methodology to inform decisions on JISR CD&E, Science and Technology, capability development, and operations. The NATO HFM ET-145 was also tasked to explore the willingness and interest of nations and NATO commands to participate in a collaborative research program on HF and JISR CD&E and to share their knowledge and perspectives on the subject. ET-145 conducted an assessment of HF issues within JISR operations and made recommendations on the feasibility of a NATO Technical Group to study these issues. HF and JISR CD&E issues that were investigated included the identification of a common set of HF issues, gaps in HF JISR CD&E, key operational issues, the JISR problem space/environment, collaboration for HF in JISR CD&E process research, the current state of HF in JISR CD&E activities within other NATO countries/groups, HF performance metrics, methods and tools, data sources and potential test beds. The NATO HFM ET-145 recommended that a HFM Research Task Group (RTG) be established to study the issues raised in ET-145 and to develop a HF framework and evaluation methodology for the JISR CD&E process.


The objective of this RTG is to develop a deeper understanding of the HF issues raised in ET-145 for the JISR CD&E process and create a HF framework and evaluation methodology along with HF metrics to support the development and evaluation of new JISR concepts that can be used by NATO and individual NATO allies.


The topics of the RTG will include but not be limited to: current state of HF in JISR CD&E activities within other NATO countries, identify key operational issues, ascertain the JISR problem space/environment, identify gaps in HF JISR CD&E process, identify HF issues for JISR CD&E process for both concept and operator levels, examine end-to-end HF JISR analysis, non-traditional/new JISR sensors, operational lessons, legal and ethical issues, big data and visualization, threat cue evaluations, social, cultural and environmental impacts on ISR concepts, and JISR architectures of lines of communication and information sharing.

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