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Modelling Personnel Flows; Identifying Potential Solutions to Recruiting and Retention Challenges

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System Analysis and Studies

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Personnel, Recruitment, Retention


Effective recruiting, as well as retaining trained and experienced personnel are perennial issues of interest in military human resources. Another issue which surfaced more recently is how to best use the Reserve Forces in an integrated manner with Regular Forces and civilians, in a Defence Team approach.


-Produce a high-level model for Reserve Forces using the ORIGAME simulation platform (developed in Canada and sharable among all participating countries) aiming to obtain better insight into the capabilities available to make a more efficient use of the Reserve Forces. -Build national inventories of occupations experiencing shortages, and exchange information on causes and current strategies to deal with these manning issues, aiming to produce a set of potential solutions based on best practices and lessons learned in recruitment and retention. -Produce a mapping of occupational groups currently used in the participating countries to enable comparison and meaningful sharing of experiences.


-What does the manning situation look like in different countries?- -What kinds of personnel flow models are being used by different nations? -What are the specific problems in recruiting and retention in the different countries? -What are best practices/lessons learned in recruiting and retention in the different countries? -What kinds of methods/instruments have been used to investigate manning problems in the different countries? -What factors can predict personnel flow? -How can we best use available data to predict personnel flow? -What would be the desired set of data to use for Reserve modelling? -Share information on modelling occupations (eg. competencies) for planning of required capabilities.

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