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Assessing and Modeling the Performance of Digital Night Vision Image Fusion

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Sensors & Electronics Technology

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Digital Night Vision, Image Fusion, Low Light Imaging, Modeling, Performance Assessment, Thermal Imager


The assessment and modeling of performance gains using image fusion of different night vision technologies, like thermal (TI) and low light imagers (LLI) is an open problem that so far has resisted all attempts to arrive at a general procedure. This is in large part caused by the fact that the benefit of a fusion algorithm is strongly dependent on the composition of the actual scenery and the specific military tasks, a complication it shares with other advanced image and signal processing algorithms. Fused LLI and TI imaging systems are currently being fielded by some of the NATO armed forces. Thus, a reliable assessment and performance prediction procedure is needed and will prove invaluable both for future procurement processes and the prediction of field performance.


To develop procedures for performance assessment and modeling of digital fused night vision equipment.


Topics to be investigated by the group during its lifetime include the survey of existing digital image fusion technologies and algorithms, the survey of suitable image quality metrics, data collections for observer experiments, performance assessment and modeling of fusion, and the comparison of metric predictions versus human performance.

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