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Simulation for Training and Operation Group-Land (STOG-L)

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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"I want intuitive ways for commanders to execute their plan - in simulator or in real". This the idea of STOG-L. In the past every nation had its own development, based on their financial situation and the needs were based on what they also were able to spend for training. But for training it doesn't have to be only a national issue, no, within NATO the chance has be taken to develop together and to help each other in training needs – and therefore the exchange of knowledge, technology and finally also the chance to exercise together has to be a main focus, so synergies can be found and used.


STOG-L has three (3) main objectives: • Knowledge-hub for NATO with focus on installed Simulators and Exercises running within the different nations (Product: List of all known Simulators, categorized in L-V-C-G, installed and running); • Information on Best practices and Lessons Learned out of used technology and in SimEx; • GAP-Analyses from the point-of-view of a trainer / Sim Center, focused on the questions "What is missing or could help us be more efficient?" and "Couldn't this Simulator be better?". Aim is to help the industry develop towards the needs of the Armed Forces and to "trigger" the industry.


Support for other NATO bodies: • Support MSG Activities • Subject matter expertise for inside NMSG • Support initiatives outside NMSG • Best Practices Support for NATO Members and Partners: • Support to build up of Sim Centers • Review of experiences with simulators and the work together with the industry • Sharing of national requirements and Best Practices • Use of simulation for training, for operations and for other purposes Areas to be covered inside the group: • Review of all simulation systems used for training • Review of all databases used in the simulation systems • Use of LVC for exercises • Identify common approaches to the use of simulation in training • C2 integration for Simulation • Best practices for Serious Gaming • Simulation supporting tools • Monitoring development in Academia & Industry • Feedback on international events (e.g. ITEC, I/ITSEC etc.)

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