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M&S Support for Crisis and Disaster Management Processes and Climate Change Implications

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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Command and Control, Data Analysis, Data Gathering, Decision Making, Distributed Simulation, Modelling, Simulation Environments, Simulation Interoperability, SOPs Implementation, Training, Training and exercise requirements


The responsibility for crisis management and disaster response as well Climate Change influences are different for every nation and may involve several ministries and agencies. It is also a core task of the Alliance. Today the Alliance is able to make decisions in crisis and emergency situations, and to act under significant threats and time pressure. NATO develops capabilities to be ready, on a case-by-case basis and by consensus, to contribute to the effective crisis and disaster prevention. This enables the Alliance to engage actively in crisis management and disaster response, including through non-Article 5 crisis response operations. The Alliance is therefore encouraging the joint training of military and civilian personnel to help build trust and confidence.


The aim of the project is to develop a reference architecture and demonstrate a technical platform that enables prompt, reasonable and effective tests of Crisis/Disaster and Climate Change Implication (CCI) Response plans. The development includes researches, theory and concept creation, standardization and interoperability improvements.


The project consists of following tasks, some of them enabling parallel development: 1. Database for storage and management of the information and data related with crisis and disasters. 2. Capability for determination of players, objects, infrastructures, systems. Should be defined: location, form, vulnerability, relations with other objects/systems. Capability for data import from different sources like GEO information. 3. Capability for implementation of control logic (command and control system, decision making and supporting system) 4. Capabilities for modeling and simulation of crisis and disaster events a. Module for modeling environment parameters under defined initial conditions b. Engine for model generation based on statistical data c. Replay the events using the stored information into the database. 5. Capability for education and training 6. Artificial intellect for simulating actions of individual or collective players 7. Report generating module for the environmental parameters 8. Integration with other used in NATO software tools.

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