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Scientific Support to NNAG Above Water Warfare Capability Group

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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Command and Control, Counter Terrorism, Countermeasures, Data Links, Databases, ECM, Electronic Warfare, EO, EOB, EPM, ESM, Interoperability, IR, Joint Operations, Littoral, Navigational Warfare, Sensors, SIGINT, Situation Awareness


Control and exploitation of the electromagnetic spectrum has become as much a part of modern warfare as air superiority or dominance of the sea lanes. Electronic Warfare (EW) is the mission area responsible for establishing and maintaining a favourable ‘position’ of own military entities in the electromagnetic domain (ES(M) and EA / ECM), a domain in which the applications and systems utilizing it are increasing with accelerating speed. Test and evaluation of EW techniques and tactics used on/ by military platforms is needed to assure users of their EW systems´ principal readiness to meet the challenges of their mission – may it be simple surveillance tasks, may it be combat. In addition it has become essential to evaluate coordinated ‘system of systems’ approaches (multiple platforms working together) with enhanced command and control capability, shared information, more efficient (threat) target designation and to examine and reduce the danger of blue-on-blue engagements. The EW subgroup of NNAG´s Above Water Warfare Capability Group (AWWCG) conducts annual trials to develop NATO´s maritime electromagnetic capabilities, called NEMO trials since 2013 and being conducted in different NATO structures since 1987. This TAP supports continuation of the work performed under Task Groups SCI-258, which was established on request of a predecessor group of the AWWCG to ensure a fuller exploitation of these trials, addressing the establishment of objectives as well as planning and analysis tasks. Consultation with the AWWCG concluded that the activities of the study group have been and will continue to be highly valuable for applications in the maritime EW evaluation efforts of NATO and its partner nations, and should therefore be continued.


The objective of the projected TG is to couple and interface with the AWWCG by providing a visible assessment of capabilities, shortfalls and resolution paths. The TG will provide scientific support for the NEMO trials, developing continuity in those trial activities from year to year. The TG will adopt elements of the scientific method (techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge) to permit more control over objectives and trial activity from year to year, making it easier for the TG to publish progress to the AWWCG.


• Force ASMD simulation and modelling: model validation across the NATO nations. • EW tactical decision aids validation during field trials. • EW command and control issues: ESM and radar data association, concept development. • Anti-ship cruise missile seeker discrimination: identifying options and mechanisms. • Set platform signature requirements in association with other relevant STO study groups, and validate signature management system concepts. • Providing technical or scientific advice for specific related topics, e.g. NASMDEF (NATO Anti-Ship Missile Defence Evaluation Facility), a facility that is being procured by NATO (industry bids in second half of 2015). • Identifying areas of research for study groups (STO studies); e.g. Force ASMD

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