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The Transition of Military Veterans from Active Service to Civilian Life

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Human Factors and Medicine

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Behavioral Health, Employment, Health, Housing, Military Veterans, Physical health, Psychological health, Society, Transition


The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq represents one of the largest commitments of NATO forces since its founding, with over 50 NATO and non-NATO nations contributing troops to one or both of the conflicts. As these wars conclude, the service members who served directly in or supported these conflicts well be transitioning back to their civilian communities. Indeed, many veterans have already begun the process of transitioning from military service to civilian life. Yet, we know that many of the veterans who served during this time will be leaving military service with significant behavioral, psychological, and physical health issues that have not been adequately addressed.


To assess the physical and psychological status of service members returning from military service to their civilian community, based on existing data, and to identify best practices for assisting transitioning service members


1. assess status of service members transitioning from military service to the civilian community, focusing on health issues, employment, housing, financial and legal issues, 2. identify points during this change process where government and non-government agencies might add the service member in the transition process and 3. identify a set of best practices for assisting successful transition from military life to civilian life.

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