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Stochastic Design Optimization for Naval and Aero Military Vehicles

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Applied Vehicle Technology

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robust and reliability-based design optimization


Simulation-based-design (SBD) paradigm is rapidly replacing traditional build-and-test design approach for naval and aero military vehicles, offering innovative out-of-the-box design opportunities for the 21st century previously not realizable due to technological limitations. Enabling technologies include high-fidelity multi-physics fluid/thermal/structural high-performance computing analysis capabilities; local and global optimization methods; computer-aided geometry modification methods; operational and environmental modeling methods and recent advancements in stochastic uncertainty quantification (AVT-191 Application of Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification to Military Vehicle Design). All of which enable the development/implementation and demonstration of robust and/or reliability based design capability. The enabling technologies are innovative such that the proposed RTG will enable technical exchange between participants at regular bi-annual meetings over a 3-year period resulting in synergy and mutual benefit, which will magnify and guarantee successful progress of all participants with outcomes documented in a final report. Demonstrate stochastic design optimization capability for real-world fluid/thermal/structural military vehicle design problems of interest to NATO with geometric/operational/environmental uncertainties and/or constraints, including management of large number of uncertainties; thereby, providing new methods, best practices and identification of future collaborative research. The goal is to be able to design configurations that are less sensitive to environmental variability and/or geometry imperfections due to manufacturing, aging, icing or other contamination.


The scope of the future activity is stochastic optimization (optimization under uncertainty), i.e. robust design optimization (RDO), reliability-based design optimization (RBDO), and combinations, or other types. The focus is on methodology development/implementation with demonstration and assessment applications for naval and aero military vehicles. The methodologies include problem formulation; establish standard terminology; UQ methods (Monte-Carlo, quadrature, meta-models, sampling, etc.); optimization methods (local/global, single/multi objective and/or disciplinary, genetic, PSO, gradient-based, etc.); design variables; geometry representation (morphing, Karhunen-Loève Exp., etc.); shape optimization, structural optimization, combinations or others. The methodologies will be demonstrated and assessed for naval and aero vehicles determined during the planning and initiation of the 3-year proposed RTG. Synergy and shared experience to be documented in the final report. The approach is as follows. Use ET-142 for further planning at fall meeting 2014. Use 2015 for continued planning, inviting additional participants. Use 2016 for determination methods, applications and initiate stochastic optimizations. Use 2017 for continued development/implementation and sharing, assessing methodologies and stochastic optimizations. 2018 used for completing all naval and aero military vehicle stochastic optimizations and documenting outcomes in final report.


Robust and reliability-based design optimization

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