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Development of Methods for Measurements and Evaluation of Natural Background EO Signatures

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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Background, Camouflage, Evaluation, Measurement, Near-Infrared, Reflectance, Signature, Survivability, Visible


Camouflage concealment and deception (CC&D) measures are used to enhance survivability in all NATO operations. Most NATO CC&D equipment use colors for disruptive camouflage for all military equipment in visible and near infrared spectrum. The technological advancement of possible opponents requires a closer look at now resolvable spectral features that can increase survivability in various conditions. It is important to identify the needs for interoperability in CC&D equipment and develop methods for evaluation of natural background colors in spectral ranges 400 to 2500 nm and complete database of natural colors as a part of standardization of procedures and techniques and establish and evaluate concepts and methods of standardization (e.g. AEP-31). It is very useful to maintain close liaison with the various bodies and Groups in and outside NAAG (LCG-DSS) and NAFAG (JCGISR/CCDO WG), with a view to undertaking joint studies or developments. This activitys research applies to the LTCRs on Integrated Personal Protection, Land Engagement Capability, and Vehicle Mobility and Survivability.


Based on the findings of the SCI-ET-017, the TG will define a method about how to characterize the spectrally resolved electro-optical reflectivity of natural backgrounds. To achieve this goal a field measurement campaign is scheduled to function as a proof of concept for the developed method.


- Developing guidelines on how to characterize a background (lab and field measurements) - Performing lab measurements to evaluate the developed guidelines - Performing a field trial to evaluate the developed guidelines - To propose a draft of the AEP-31 update Deliverable: TR including an appendix on guidelines how to perform a background characterization.

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