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Energy and Defence: Reducing Dependencies & Vulnerabilities – Enhancing Efficiency

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System Analysis and Studies

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Alternative Fuels, Applied Energy Technology, Emerging Security Challenges, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security, Tactical Power Production


Developments during recent decades have put the issue of energy on the NATO security agenda. Frequent terrorist attacks on NATO fuel convoys in Afghanistan and Pakistan have led to an increased awareness within the Alliance of the crucial role of energy supply in missions which involve long distances and sustained presence. NATO’s present energy security agenda emphasizes three major areas: 1) raising strategic awareness of energy developments with security implications, 2) contributing to the protection of critical energy infrastructure, and 3) enhancing energy efficiency in the military. This activity supports NATO’s energy security agenda by focusing primarily on the third major area – specifically enhancing energy efficiency through applied technical solutions concentrating on the crucial role of operational energy (OE).


The overall objective of this activity is to contribute to energy security within NATO, NATO nations and partner nations, by examining several key areas of interest, sharing information and approaches to enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting best practices amongst NATO members with respect to enhancing energy efficiency in those areas. The NATO Centre of Excellence for Energy Security and Allied Command Transformation are integrated into this research effort.


This activity will rely mainly on qualitative research, to include subject matter expert interviews and/or surveys within the member states’ MoD’s to determine already sponsored/initiated/conducted projects throughout the Alliance. To some degree there is also a need for consequence management in order to see how interoperability is maintained if new techniques are not streamlined (e.g. various fuel mix between countries).

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