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Cyber Physical Security of Defense Systems

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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Cyber physical systems, Cyber security, Internet of Things


Security of cyber-physical systems is a challenge faced by all NATO nations, a matter compounded by the heterogeneity of defense system of systems and the fact that the components originate from different generations. Cyber physical systems are integrations of computation, networking, and physical processes that govern devices like vehicles, vessels, aircraft, C2ISR systems, weapons, and their subsystems.


The objectives of this activity are: A. To create a shared understanding of the security challenges inherent to cyber-physical systems and to present some of the methods and approaches that can be applied to tackle these challenges. B. Provide a Symposium venue for a. Exchange of technology information and lessons learned across all the nations on methods for addressing the security challenges in cyber-physical systems; b. examining commonality in methods and data products relevant to security cyber-physical systems; c. Promoting and continuing effective dialog among NATO nations. C. Prepare a final Technical Report of the Symposium activities and findings.


The symposium will be open to papers covering aspects in all stages of a cyber-physical system lifecycle, more specifically the topics include but are not limited to the following: A. :Best practices for hardware and software development ensuring security of CPS, including design, simulation and implementation of these systems B. Certification and accreditation /verification and validation of system security aspects C. Test and evaluation of cyber-physical systems, focusing on the security aspects of these systems D. Ensuring security of legacy systems in a system of systems environment, guaranteeing the sustainment of these systems E. Detection and mitigation of cyber-attacks targeted towards cyber-physical systems F. Feedback systems G. Modelling and analysis H. Critical infrastructure I. Scalability and complexity of the cyber physical world J. Multi-level security K. Policy, regulation and legal aspects L. Threats and risks to cyber physical systems

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