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Urban Combat Advanced Training Technology - Live Simulation Standards (UCATT-LSS)

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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Live Simulation, LiveSim, Standards, UCATT, Urban Combat Advanced Training Technology


The NATO Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) 1999 Technical Report “Land Operations in the Year 2020” (LO2020) and the 2003 “Urban Operations in the Year 2020” (UO2020) concluded that NATO forces would potentially have to conduct future operations in urban areas. These led to the first UCATT TG (MSG-032, also known as UCATT-1) and follow on UCATT-2 TG (MSG-063). The UCATT Architecture TG (MSG-098) and the UCATT Standards TG (MSG-099) have just completed and UCATT-LSS is the fourth mandate. The first meeting takes place in Stockholm in late Sep 2015.


UCATT-LSS continues the standardization work of MSG-098/099. It will form the formal SISO Product Support Group for the first standard and develop or identify new standards for the remaining interoperability interfaces. Also, maintenance and review of the functional architecture will be undertaken to ensure it reflects valid actual and future military use cases. Perhaps uniquely within NMSG, UCATT has, from the outset, drawn members from active duty military, government acquisition staff and industry directly involved in instrumented live training and simulation, UCATT has become a valuable focal point for those in this business area and a useful networking opportunity to share knowledge and facilitate information exchange within NATO and PfP on live simulation. The continuation of the UCATT activities within MSG-140 UCATT Live Simulation Standards TG secures not only a vehicle for continued work on standardization within the live simulation community, but also one to embed and support the goals already achieved.


Operational Concepts: continuous maintenance of the comprehensive list of developed Generic User Requirements in conjunction with NATO Training Groups and Military Users on the live, virtual and the constructive domain. Further Standardization though the SISO process of UCATT defined and prioritized interfaces following the functional architecture. Maintain the UCATT functional architecture for LIVE training&simulation. Establishment of a PSG to maintain the UCATT Standards.

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