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Information Operations for Influence (IOI)

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System Analysis and Studies

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Active Measures, Hybrid Warfare, Influence Activities, Information Operations, Informational Conflict, NonKinetic Targeting, NonLinear Warfare, Psychological Warfare


Two key trends impact the contemporary operating environment. The first trend is the increased appearance of and involvement by non-state actors (NSAs) in violent conflict, whether as the primary instigator of violence or as a proxy for a state-based adversary. The second trend is the exploitation of the Information Environment (IE) to shape and manage the narrative and conduct information warfare as a leading line of effort within a larger non-linear/hybrid warfare construct. It can be argued that we have entered a new phase in the evolution of warfare – one in which the IE is the contentious ground and informational activities are the preferred method over kinetic approaches to achieve desired behavioural effects.


Building upon SAS-105-RSY, SAS-117-RTG seeks to examine emergent threats in the IE, issues related to adversary exploitation of the IE and the employment of non-linear/hybrid warfare, as well as to discuss capability gaps required to counter adversary asymmetric advantage in this domain.


The RTG will include the following themes: - Emerging threats and horizon scanning - Theoretical frameworks and constructs - Modelling and simulation - Case studies and examples - Best-practices and new approaches.

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