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Military Strategic Level Decision Making within a (future) framework of Cyber Resilience

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System Analysis and Studies

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Cyber Defence, Cyber Resilience, Decision Support, Defence Planning, Operational Analysis, Operations Research, Strategic Analysis


At the Wales Summit in September 2014, the Alliance renewed its focus on the cyber environment. This focus was articulated in the Enhanced NATO Policy on Cyber Defence. The policy identifies that Cyber Defence is part of NATO’s core task of Collective Defence. The responsibility of NATO is to defend its own networks and assistance to Allies should be addressed in accordance with the spirit of solidarity. One of the policy’s objectives is to enable robust cyber defence capabilities to defend NATO Combat Information Systems (CIS) and ensure their resilience and protection. This Research Task Group will build on the results obtained from the SAS-106 symposium, which investigated where NATO and national Analysts can support Alliance decision makers regarding Cyber Defence.


Conduct research to enhance linkages between the technical and the strategic levels of cyber to improve the decisions made. This will consist of an investigation into strategic-level decisions that are related to cyber issues both within military operations as well as within force development and investment planning.


The RTG will investigate the effects and influence of cyber on the strategic level decisions which will include the following (but not limited to): - Cyber Resilience vs Cyber Defence - Levels of resilience and their implications - Types of strategic level decisions (such as policy formulation, capability planning, acquisition, logistics, operational planning, etc.) - How best to represent cyber aspects in strategic level decisions; e.g., models and methodologies - Impacts of the strategic decisions on cyber.

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