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Solutions Advancing Next Generation Radar Electronic Attack

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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Counter Surveillance, Deception Jamming, DRFM Jamming, Electronic Attack, ISAR, Low Power Radar, LPI Radar, Noise Radar, SAR, System Architectures


The proliferation of highly-capable radar technology has created an accent on controlling the electromagnetic spectrum. Many military forces are increasing the capability of their RF sensing equipment in order to provide significant improvements to their offensive and defensive systems. Future radars present a great challenge as they are expected to have the ability to sense their environment and adapt their transmission characteristics and pulse processing algorithms to maximize performance, mitigate interference effects or enable hidden operation. Jamming and deception of those radars is an even greater challenge as conventional jamming techniques may not be effective against them. Therefore it is essential to further develop and test adaptable Electronic Attack (EA) and Electronic Protection (EP) technologies and techniques against modern and future radars. An understanding of electronic countermeasures against several types of modern radars was achieved by the NATO Task Group SCI-252 on “Coherent Electronic Attack to Advanced Radar Systems”. The Task Group examined the various types of radars (SAR/ISAR, HRR, Passive Radar and LPI approaches), their radar processing and evolved initial approaches to counter them. This study is mainly relevant to NATOs Long-Term Aspects of Minimum Capability Requirements (LTA) “Electromagnetic Spectrum Denial” and “Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance ISR – Collection Capability” as well as “ISR - Processing, Fusion and Exploitation”, enabling NATO forces to understand potential future threats and effectively counter those threats.


The main objective of the Group is to further develop and expand the work done by the SCI-252 Task Group 071. The ongoing development of EA techniques against HRR, SAR/ISAR will include the investigation and improvement of jamming techniques against target classification capable radars. Aspects of countering multi-channel or multi-static and passive radars, imaging radar systems by cooperative jamming approaches will be covered. A continuous effort is seen in the requirement to counter radars with Low Probability of Intercept LPI type of signal characteristics, including Low Power Radar and as a new aspect Noise Radar. General aspects of system architectures and technology will be discussed. The effort could include the use of theoretical analyses, simulations, laboratory experiments, field trials or other methods of scientific investigation.


Development of advanced EA techniques against imaging radar and non-cooperative classification algorithms, including e.g. SAR/ISAR and Imaging Seekers EA techniques against LPI Systems, including LPR and noise radar EA techniques against passive and multi-static radar systems General aspects of cognitive, cooperative or coordinated EA techniques against adaptive radar threats System Architectures and Technology aspects of EA systems against modern and future radars

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