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SCI Panel Analysis of the Specialists Meeting on Autonomy from a Systems Perspective

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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SCI Panel Programme of Work


Autonomy is a broad topic with far-reaching implications to NATO, military operations, and national interests. The STO panels responded enthusiastically to a request from the STB and Collaboration Support Office Director to develop proposals and ideas on how to address Autonomy S&T. Subsequently, the SCI panel was tasked to lead an effort to coordinate a cross-panel activity with a view to facilitating the formation of a multidisciplinary community of interest in autonomy, and as a result, generating a broader and coherent STO PoW on autonomy and/or autonomous systems. A specialists meeting on Autonomy from a systems perspective (SCI-296 SM) will be held in May 2017 with the objective of identifying where NATO should increase scientific and technical focus in autonomy and autonomous systems. To support the broader effort of developing a NATO STO PoW for autonomy, the SCI panel needs to examine the outputs of the SCI-296 SM and to develop a plan for how current and future activities within the SCI PoW will be impacted (if at all).


The objectives of this activity are: A. To create a shared understanding of the outputs and recommendations of the SCI-296 specialists meeting on Autonomy from a systems perspective. B. Provide an internal SCI workshop-style venue for a. Identifying those elements of the outputs and recommendations which pertain to the SCI panel focus areas; b. Examining current/future topics and ideas for collaboration within each working session to determine if/how elements of the S&T focus areas identified by the SCI-296 SM are incorporated into these collaboration activities; c. Promoting and continuing effective dialog across the working sessions. C. Draft an initial SCI panel roadmap as a communication tool for the panel and STB to see how the SCI panel PoW is contributing and advancing S&T required for autonomy/autonomous systems.


The internal workshop will involve all topics covered by the SCI panel and associated working sessions. Namely, Working Session A: A. Coalition Operations Concepts/Capabilities B. Systems of Systems C. Architectures, Standards, & Interoperability D. End to End Effects Chains E. Human in Systems F. Situational Awareness Working Session B: G. Force Protection Systems H. Electronic Warfare I. CC&D, D&D J. DEW/Counter-DEW Working Session C: K. Autonomy L. Space M. System Verification & Validation (incl FT3) N. Cyber Internet of Things

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