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Factoring Situational Awareness and Communications in Operational Models of Dismounted Combat

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System Analysis and Studies

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combat models, Dismounted operations, situational awareness, soldier systems


It is common for today’s light forces to be equipped with portable electronic devices for digital communications and assisted mission planning. The impact of these new technologies on dismounted combat effectiveness has not, however, been well represented in theoretical models of combat. The effectiveness of the dismounted unit depends on the kinetic effects that it has available and its knowledge of the battlespace. This knowledge allows the commander to decide how to apply these effects. Therefore any investigation of the effectiveness of the dismounted unit should consider both kinetic effects and situational awareness in combination, regardless of whether the investigation is tasked with examining only kinetic interventions or not.


The first objective of SAS-107 is to survey how dismounted combat effectiveness is impacted by situational awareness. The second is to define a methodology for better integrating these factors in the operational analysis, modelling and simulation of dismounted combatant operations. The final objective is to conduct a pilot study, with a specific scenario, demonstrating that the model properly represents the change in operational effectiveness due to variations in the situational awareness of the dismounted team and its combatants.


In collaboration with HF specialists, the following topics will be investigated. While the limits of technology will have to be considered, the focus will be on human perception and cognition: • Sensors • Communications • Data flow assimilation • Cognitive burden (potential collaboration with HFM-238) • Tactical decision making. • TTPs and rules of engagement Following the above work, the task group will investigate the following topics: • Current representation of situational awareness in dismounted combat. • Candidate methods for improvement. • Formulation of improved methodology for situational awareness representation.

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