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Method for Architecture Definition and Evaluation in-line with NATO Architecture Framework

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Information Systems Technology

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Analysis, Architecting, Architecture, Complex Systems, Evaluation, Modeling, Simulation, System Engineering


From the decision-maker and warfighter standpoint, there is a requirement to articulate operational needs; deliver affordable capabilities; and define smart defence scenarios and mission threads to meet current and future challenges in more complex and connected environments. Architectures are enablers to deliver alliance strategy that support operations, development, acquisition and delivery of capabilities, reuse, deployment and disposal. In particular, DOTMLPFI elements can be formalised through architectures and shared between organisations to achieve interoperability. NAF is a coherent way to architect systems while taking account constraints such as budget, schedule, safety, security and human factors.


The STO IST-130 has to provide the NAF V4 as a future STANAG, including a methodology. This methodology extends traditional enterprise architecture approaches (i.e. more than just Information and Communication Technologies) to support and enhance capability that is potentially far more complex and costly for governments and Industry.


This study aims at providing an overall description of what an architecting method could be, including the following areas: - Terminology (in line with NAF V4 foundations, views and sub-views) - Description of the terms and concepts for architecting. - Definition in line with NAF V4 ontology and meta-models. - Overall method for Architecting landscape - Method for context Statement: Stakeholders, stakes, objectives and context of the architecting activity. - Method for landscape set-up and activity performance - Overall method for Architecting activities - Description of the Architecting activities, with their inputs and outputs for Description, Evaluation, Decision making, Management and Governance - Method for Architecture description - Definition of the architecting steps with preconditions and stop criteria; activities with inputs and outputs, roles and responsibilities; tailoring. - Method for Architecture evaluation - Definition of the evaluation steps according to definition outputs with evaluation techniques and criteria.

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