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Exploiting Modelling and Simulation to support Cyber Defence

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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Awaiting Publication

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commercial technologies, cyber defence, immersive, interoperability, modelling and simulation, standardisation, Training, virtual world


The rapidly evolving environment of Cyber threats against the Alliance has necessitated a renewed focus on the development of Cyber Defence policy and capabilities. At the Lisbon Summit in November 2010, NATO Heads of State and Government decided to enhance NATO’s cyber defence capabilities. The aim of a NATO Cyber Defence capability is to ensure NATO’s permanent and unfettered access to cyberspace and integrity of its critical systems. Modelling and Simulation experience in research, analysis and training should be leveraged to assist in Cyber Defence capability. Output from this Task Group will inform and be exploited by national Cyber Defence initiatives, and NATO development of the NATO Computer Incident Response Capability Next Generation (NCIRC NG) planned to be in place by 2020.


The purpose of this TG is to investigate and recommend what aspects of Cyber Defence can be supported with Modelling and Simulation. Activity will focus on Education, Training, Exercise, Evaluation, Concept and Conops Development and their validation, Cyber Threat Assessment, enhancing cyber capabilities and technical solutions.


Concept of operations (CONOPS) conceptual models of Cyber Defence CIS threat assessment and effect, Vulnerability assessment, and Dynamic risk assessment Decision support system (model) including Course Of Action analysis Cyber CAX and training programs, after action review and metrics for training effectiveness Cyber awareness education Cyber Defence validation Critical dependencies of national CIS Common set of definitions for Cyber Defence M&S exploitation Full chain of events of cyber attacks M&S environments, synthetic environments, standards, processes

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