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Advancing Sensing Through the Walls (STTW) Technologies

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Sensors & Electronics Technology

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Active Sensors, Electromagnetic wave PropagationThrough Wall, Feature extraction, High resolution imaging, Movement detection, Passive Sensors, Personnel Detection, Radar


The alliance and its corresponding members have been experiencing an increase in frequency the number of operations that take place in urban environments as well as the number of counter-terrorist actions. The environment in which these operations take place is varied and will require standoff capability in order to maintain safety during hostile or dangerous conditions. As a result, there has been a desire to covertly collect situation awareness of personnel behind opaque barriers, within structures and amongst debris.


To develop novel approaches and evaluate emerging techniques for improved through wall performance in the following areas as identified by SET-100: - Detection of animate & inanimate targets - Object classification, feature extraction and signature analysis These objectives will be accomplished through further investigations, joint experimentation/trials and data sharing for: - Improve the detection for targets of interest - Reduce overall false alarms through processing and hardware - Use novel techniques as a method to improve system performance - Provide high resolution 3 D imaging of objects and humans behind walls - Detect and identify motion and breathing behind different types of walls - Devise potential solutions to resolve wall ambiguities - Perform joint experimentation and data exchange


The topics evolve around radar detection, location, identification and classification of slightly moving target of interest in urban environments. Specifically: - Additional SET topic areas for “Sensing Through Walls” - Improving the Detection of Targets - Methods for Reducing False Alarms - Improved target tracking capabilities - MIMO & Waveform Design - Classification & Feature Extraction - Polarization discrimination - Advances in 3D RADAR imaging - Biometric RADAR - Micro-Doppler - Joint Experimentation and Data Sharing - Realistic environment - Testing of prototypes

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