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Visualization for Analysis

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Information Systems Technology

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All-source Intelligence Analysis, Analytical Reasoning, Information Abstraction, Visual Analytics, Visualization


NATO operations usually involve large amount of complex disparate heterogeneous data within which it is difficult to distinguish the essential from the irrelevant with respect to the decision-maker’s task. With the increasing availability of sensors and a powerful IT infrastructure, the quantity and variety of sources is projected to expand without limit, so that irrelevant data tend to obscure the critical information. This leads to an ever-increasing burden on the decision-maker, as it is their challenge to transform the data from this unstructured collection into chunks suitable for reasoning. Visualization in the decision-maker’s head is a major route to creating the conditions for analysis leading to effective and timely decisions. There is an urgent need to improve methods that can assist this process in the face of emerging challenges of global security.


The workshop will consist of focused discussions to augment and refine understanding of themes derived from the work of the Symposium (IST-116-RSY-028). The workshop provides a platform for intellectual synergy that is intended to generate novel insights and new approaches to shape future research and development in the topic areas.


•Analytical reasoning •Cognitive processes Counter IED Operations •Cyber Operations •Networks •Health Safety and Health Services Delivery •Bio-Terrorism •All-Source Intelligence •Humanitarian Operations •User-Selectable Complexity •Information Trails •Information Abstraction •Display Characteristics Affecting Visual Analytics •Experimental Measures •Evaluation and use cases •Spatio-temporal techniques •Mathematical foundations of data transformations

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