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NATO M&S Resources/Standards Support Team - II

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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Civil Standards, Interoperability, Simulation, Standardization, Standards Developing Organization, Standards Development, Standards Maintenance


In accordance with the NATO Policy, “The Alliance will use suitable civil standards to the maximum practicable extent” – [Ref C-M(2004)0009 – NATO Framework for Civil Standards]. As a result, all NATO Delegated Tasking Authorities were requested to identify not-for-profit civil Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) in their domains and to start cooperation on standards of interest for NATO. NATO experts shall participate to the development and maintenance of such standards in the framework of these SDOs. The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) is the civil Standards Developing Organization of interest for M&S standards in NATO, with which NATO MSG has signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement [Ref AC323-NMSG(2007)TCA-01] in 2007. Since then multiple standardization efforts were undertaken by NMSG in cooperation with SISO. Developing a standard creates the obligation of its maintenance for the interested parties. In addition, several NMSG Task Groups developed M&S resources (e.g. Missionland dataset, NATO M&S Glossary of Terms, etc) that need maintenance. The proposed Task Group is intended to gather the MSG experts involved in the development and maintenance of M&S resources and related standards of interest for NATO in a STO formal framework.


• Ensure continuity in development and maintenance of M&S resources and related standards of interest for NATO; • Ensure compliancy with NATO requirements of those standards during the development and maintenance process; • Dissemination throughout NATO M&S Community of Interest.


• M&S interoperability; • Reuse of M&S resources; • Gaps identification in M&S standardization; • Maintain awareness of the NMSG community on M&S standardization issues.

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