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Operational Requirements for Training Interoperability—2019

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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Command Control, Distributed Simulation, future MS, Information security, msg, Simulation Environments, Simulation Interoperability, Training, Training and exercise requirements


In January 2015, the NMSG commissioned Exploratory Team (ET)-039 to identify key M&S areas that the NATO Modeling and Simulation Group (NMSG) needs to focus their current and future technical activities in order to develop timely solutions and standards that support the rigorous and dynamic operational training required to meet current and future NATO missions and readiness objectives. The primary deliverables for this activity was a Training Interoperability Roadmap, a collaborated requirements framework, and a procedures for capturing, analyzing and prioritizing M&S requirements. The ET-039 final report recommended that the ET-039 process be re-accomplished every two years in order to keep the Roadmap current and ensure that the NMSG continues to focus on the training interoperability issues that are most relevant to NATO and partner forces. This RTG is the proposed follow-on activity to meet ET-039’s recommendation. Issue: NATO and partner forces must be able to train and operate together, but challenges remain to ensure training interoperability. a. NMSG activities must continue to align, synchronize, and converge on delivering standards and solutions that enable training interoperability. b. MORS continue to improve procedures and governance that will continue to enhance alignment of operational requirements (i.e. training, analysis, testing…) with technical activities and culminate in potential impact/exploitation of the activity expected results, links to NATO S&T priorities, and possibly relevance to NATO Interoperability and Standardization activities.


The primary objectives of this effort is to: • Revalidate ET-039 requirements • Identify new requirements • Provide a reprioritized list of TA areas for the NMSG to support to the training community by Dec 2018 • Improve the requirements capture and analysis process as outlined in the ET-039 final report.


At a minimum, requirements in the following areas will be captured and analyzed: - Federating M&S (Connected Forces) - Sim-C2 Connectivity (Connected Forces) - Multi-Level Security/Releasability (Connected Forces) - Simulation Performance - EXCON Support - Tool Accessibility & Capacity - Scenario Data - Physical Environment - Air & Space Domain - Land Domain - Maritime Domain - Cyber Domain - Cross-Environment—requirements that cross multiple operational domains - Human Social Behavior - M&S Policy - Operational Planning

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