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Counter Passive Radar

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Sensors & Electronics Technology

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Critical Aspects, Cyber Attack, Electronic Countermeasures, Electronic warfare, Emission Control, Mission Planning, Passive Emitter Tracking, Passive Radar, SCI, SET


At the recent Exploratory Team SCI-ET-028 a breakout session was convened to assess interest in countering the passive threat. This was particularly well attended and showed that many NATO nations regard this as a capability gap which needs to be addressed. There was a request to investigate advanced techniques to counter the application of passive radar by adversaries, as well as the introduction of protective measures to be adopted by own Passive Radars against these techniques. The consensus view was that a Specialist Meeting concentrating entirely on countermeasures to passive radar would bring together the interested parties, exchange what is currently known on this topic and help to identify the scope of possible future panels. Due to the sensitivity of topics to be discussed this specialist meeting will be held at NATO Secret level.


The objective of this Specialist Meeting will facilitate the exchange of enabling concepts and provide a venue to disseminate current research in the field of countermeasures to passive radar sensors. Prominent leaders, contributors and representatives from the military, government, academia, and industry will come together to address current and emerging technologies, possible countermeasure approaches and explore truly innovative concepts in this important and growing field which threatens the way NATO forces conduct operations. The outcome of this specialist meeting should suggest areas for further NATO research activities and will re-enforce the links with military bodies in NATO.


The objective of the meeting is to identify possible approaches to “Countering the Passive Threat”. It will be entirely focused on countering PCL and PET in both air and maritime domains - but with the aim of exploring as wide a range as possible of potential solutions - and not focused entirely on conventional “jamming” approaches. Although RF countermeasures will clearly form a large part of the topics considered, other areas which might be addressed include – but are not limited to: • Electronic Protective Measures • Estimating possible radar locations • Mission planning • Emission control or modification • Cyber approaches • Modelling tools • Destruction of broadcast transmitters The meeting will of course also consider the threat environment, but only in as much as is necessary to put the other topics in context.

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