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NMSG Input to the Update and Report of the NATO Action Plan on M&S Training

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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ACT, Action Plan, MS, MSG, MSG161, Training


Modelling and Simulation (M&S) is a key enabler for training in government, industry and academia. NATO has not realized yet the full potential of M&S to support training. The Action plan (AP) on M&S in support of military training was approved by the Military Committee (MC) in Feb 2016. A review is due by Feb 2018. The intent of the AP is to identify gaps in NATO training and to synchronized efforts across NATO and the nations to mitigate these gaps using M&S. These is a NATO wide document; not only ACT’s. ACT is starting the update of the current version of the AP by reviewing the gaps with the Requirement Authorities (RAs), Department Heads (DHs), Disciplines’ SMEs, IMS, SHAPE, HQ SACT, JWC and JFTC. HQ SACT is coordinating the update and reporting of the AP. The rough plan is: • Phase I. Update of the Gap Analysis (approx. before summer 2017) o Engagement with RAs and DHs o Formal request for update gaps of each discipline; coordinated by RA’s o New draft of the Gap Analysis • Phase II. Update of the Action Plan (by Dec 2017) o Engagement with the suppliers in a workshop in Sep-Oct 2017 and online. Suppliers include: ACT, NMSG, NCIA, NIAG, NTG, COEs, M&S COE, MAGs, CMRE o New Draft of action plan and report on current version by Dec 2017 • Phase III. ACT/ACO staffing in order to deliver the AP and report to MC by 22 Feb 2018


To enable the NMSG contribute to the NATO Action Plan on M&S in support of military training.


Participate in phase II above by: • Supporting a workshop organized by HQ SACT in Sep or Oct 2017. ACT will invite all stakeholders to the workshop (NTG, NIAG, NMSG, M&S COE, CMRE, etc.). Subjects to be addressed during the workshop include: o Review of the new list of Gaps (collected by summer 2017) and the analysis provided by ACT/CMRE. o Determine on-going activities that are supporting the mitigation of the gaps. o Determine if new activities may be necessary o Report on the actions declared in the current version of the Action Plan. • Contributing to the online input until Dec-2017: o Telecoms are possible if necessary. o Online update of the Action Plan • Participate in a possible final mini-workshop during ITSEC 2017

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