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Modelling and Simulation for Acquisition

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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CD&E, Mission Effectiveness assessment, Monte Carlo Analysis, Operational need capture, Performance requirement, Simulation, Stochastic simulation, System engineering, System of systems, System Test and Evaluation


NATO and most NATO nations need M&S tools and Services to establish new required Capabilities and subsequently specify and acquire new defense systems that enable these Capabilities: a. M&S provides support to better capture operational needs in order to specify a future military system. b. M&S provides guidance for decision makers to choose from different options to fulfill a future Capability. c. M&S provides support to assess and tune the right level of performance that will be required in the contracts signed with industry for systems development and/or procurement. d. M&S is an effective tool during system test & evaluation in order to save money and time (simulation is less expensive than real testing or in some cases the only option).


To conduct several relevant and synchronized technical activities that deliver the means (verified and validated simulations, tools and services) for Allied forces and headquarters and nations to help with system acquisition in a manner that enhances the final technical solution and makes sure that it satisfies the operational needs. . This objective is achieved through: 1. Establish a working group from members of the NMSG and other panels to identify current and future NMSG technical development activities (and other NATO/national initiatives) and ensure they are aligned and support NATO and national system acquisition. 2. Enhance mutual knowledge and exchange information on existing M&S initiatives to help with system acquisition. 3. Explore and define potential cooperation areas on common M&S standards, methods and tools to facilitate system acquisition. 4. Identify the potential benefits that M&S could bring to international interoperability specification and testing. 5. Explore and define how M&S can help in the technical relationship between a prime contractor and its governmental customer.


1. System interoperability validation issues 2. Complex systems acquisition 3. Operational need capture and/or refinement in SE 4. Mission Effectiveness Assessment methods in SE 5. Decision aids for future capabilities 6. Technical performance specification and refinement through Monte Carlo analysis

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