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Advances in Military Personnel Selection

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Human Factors and Medicine

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computerized evaluation, diversity, integrityrelated assessments, recruiting, selection and assessment


The selection of the best qualified individuals to perform the duties required of a wide range of occupations is essential to an effective and efficient modern military. Military personnel selection, an already complex process, is additionally challenged by emerging societal and technological changes. Of interest to this group is (i) an increasingly diverse applicant pool, (ii) technological advances in assessment tool development, and (iii) demands for assessing a range of knowledge, skills and abilities pertinent to reliable and dependable personnel performance. The impact of these changes on military personnel selection was further highlighted in a recent meeting of the HFM-ET-156 in which nine NATO organizations discussed their organizational needs or goals related to diversity, computerized/online testing, and integrity assessments. Despite variations in the extent to which these needs/goals are defined across NATO organizations, some having more well-defined needs than others, it was clear that these emerging needs impact some (if not all) aspects of selection practice within each organization (i.e., organizational need, identification of KSAOs, development of selection tools and processes, evaluation of selection tools/processes, evaluation of the efficacy of selection in meeting organizational needs).


With respect to diversity: • To capture military personnel selection strategies currently used by NATO nations to address their organization’s diversity needs (e.g., gender, language, reserve groups). • To identify best practices in developing and evaluating selections tools/processes to identify/reduce barriers to diversity groups. With respect to computerized/online testing: • To identify current practices and challenges within NATO nations surrounding computerized/online testing in military selection. • To identify opportunities for maximizing efficiency in selection testing/assessment using emerging technology (e.g., automated/remote testing, joint test development platforms, use of common data sources). With respect to integrity assessments: • To develop a common definition of the integrity construct and identify related measures for use in military selection. • To examine the potential effectiveness of including integrity measures in military selection.


• Computerized/online testing (current practices and challenges from the use of computerized/online testing, opportunities for military selection to capitalize on emerging technologies and innovative assessment strategies, potential for joint use and development of information technology resources to support assessments). • Diversity and selection/assessment (cultural and language issues in test development and administration, test accommodations for religious, physical, and mental health reasons). • Integrity and selection/assessment (common definition/understanding of integrity construct, potential assessment tools, synthesis of predictive validity findings in military settings).

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