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Development of an internet exploitation grading system

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System Analysis and Studies

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Applications, Evaluation, Exploitation, Information, Intelligence, Internet, Open Source, Publically Available Information, Social Media, Tools


The military is increasingly reliant upon exploiting data derived from the internet. This is a dynamic and congested tool space, with a high turnover of complex tools. In order to progress from initial forays into this field and to professionalise tradecraft it would be beneficial to consolidate experience and efforts. This TAP proposes the development of a grading framework or system to aid decision making in tool(s) selection and use of the internet. The products from this activity should also be used to generate a deeper understanding of the capabilities within this space, improving understanding of the data, information and range of effects that can be achieved, additionally shaping requirements at all levels of command. Note that this framework is to focus on tool and application functionality and is not to subsume or replace the requirement for analytical grading guidelines for the individual reports. It would however supplement and complement this as internet exploitation is a combination of analytical methodology and technical expertise.


To develop a comprehensive, robust and easily applicable grading system for the functionality of tools and applications, designed for use in exploiting the internet.


1. Types of tools and applications. 2. Uses of tools and applications. 3. Common components of tools and applications. 4. Identification of user requirements. 5. Type of frameworks/grading systems for assessment. 6. How a grading system could be applied. 7. Analysis of options. 8. Summary of findings and suggested framework or system.

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