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Agile, Multi-Domain C2 of Socio-Technical Organizations in Complex Endeavors

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System Analysis and Studies

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Autonomy, C2, C2 Agility, Composite Intelligent Networks, Cyber, Hybrid Operations


Three major developments are already having a profound effect on C2 of organizations. First, NATO and its member nations face a wide range of threats that require integrated responses that include bringing to bear military and non-military instruments of power. Kinetic, cyber, and non-kinetic capabilities need to be harmonized. SAS-085, SAS-104 and various member nations have concluded that Agile Multi-Domain C2 is essential. Second, the automation of a variety of C2 decisions has been a fact of life for some time, albeit without a clear recognition of constraints that may be impediments to effectiveness, efficiency and agility and thus, to mission accomplishment. The emergence of autonomous systems is a more recent development. As is the case with automation, ‘autonomous’ systems involve delegations of decision rights whose impacts and consequences on C2 are currently not well understood. Third, the likelihood of operating in a cyber-contested environment is high increasing the need for C2 Agility and the need to understand the impacts upon C2 Approaches.


The objective of the task group is to explore the nature of agile multi-domain C2 (the integration of the C2’s of kinetic, cyber, non-kinetic) of a socio-technical enterprise that includes humans, intelligent networks, and autonomous entities in a cyber-contested and hostile environment.


• C2 Agility implications of socio-technical enterprises – collaborating teams of human, autonomous entities and intelligent networks • Challenges associated with agile Multi-domain C2 of Hybrid Operations • Harmonization of C2 Approaches appropriate for Kinetic, Cyber, and Non-Kinetic operations.

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