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Phenomenology and Exploitation of EO/IR CMs

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Sensors & Electronics Technology

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Countermeasures, EO, IR Signatures, MWIR, phenomenology


On the last three decades, platforms and counter-measures (CM) radiometric and spectroscopic signatures were collected during more than fifteen EMBOW trials. These measurements were mainly used by each participating nation to analyse CM effectiveness with their own tools to ultimately feed model and simulation (M&S) purposes. Nations exchanged on data collection methodologies and techniques but had very limited discussions over the years on the methods and tools they developed to exploit EMBOW data. Given that the M&S community is currently structuring itself to conduct activities at the NATO level, a gap needs to be bridged between the M&S and the signature collection S&T communities to fully comprehend the phenomenology associated to the capture and exploitation of CM IR signatures. In a recent IR Signature specialist meeting conducted under NATO Air Force Armament Group (NAFAG)/Aerospace Capability Group 3 (ACG3)/Sub-Group 2 (SG2)/InfraRed Technical team (IR TT), the participating nations supported the proposition of creating an exploratory team (ET) to address this gap.


This proposed SET ET group will provide nations the forum to exchange about the methods and tools they are using to exploit EMBOW data and how results are used by the M&S community. The group aims at producing a scientific approach/methodology in signature collection and signature prediction based on the understanding of the phenomenology by determining crucial parameters (eg. Altitude, distance, atmosphere, spectral bands cover by different sensors) and qualifying the impact of such parameters on the final signature.


The proposed ET will organize specialist meetings aiming at: - Exchanging knowledge between the nation’s experts in IR countermeasures, - Exploring the state of the art of IR countermeasures measurement and exploitation, - Building a common set of exploitation tools - Elaborating a SOW for the follow-on RTG.

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