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Combustion products, exposure and related risks

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Applied Vehicle Technology

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Awaiting Publication

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Ammunitionrelated constituents, Combustion products, Emission products, Hazard assessment, Modified composition, Munitionweapon combination


In conjunction with the AVT-277 Research Task Group, a Specialists’ Meeting would be of great importance to manufacturers, buyers and users of ammunition research/testing laboratories and occupational health officers from Defense departments and law enforcement organizations. This meeting will enable our group AVT-277 to present our findings and to learn about various approaches and results from a broader audience by presenting their work and visions on the topics mentioned in paragraph IV. Given that AVT-277 is addressing a relative new topic namely the hazards of ammunition-related constituents and combustion products to the warfighter, it is necessary to identify these hazards and understand the magnitude.


The main objective is to raise awareness to and interest in the exposure of personnel to ammunition -related constituents and combustion products. The activity aims to examine the vision of manufacturers, buyers and users of ammunition, research/testing laboratories, those involved in demilitarization and disposal, and occupational health officers from Defense departments and law enforcement on this topic. During the meeting amongst others, the findings of AVT-277 will be presented


Ammunition emissions analysis; Setup, measurement methods, results, analysis and interpretation Computational prediction models; For predicting emission products and translation “lab-scale” to larger scale Exposure to combustion products and the effect of modus operandi and local parameters such as wind, humidity and temperature Toxicity assessment; Approach, mitigation procedures and interpretation

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