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Modelling and Simulation as a Service - Phase 2

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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Distributed Simulation, MS as a Service, MS Services, MSG, MSG164, Service Oriented Architecture, Simulation Architecture, Simulation Environments, Simulation Interoperability


MSG-131 and MSG-136 teams provided initial proof that M&S as a Service (MSaaS) has great potential for NATO to benefit from commercial developments, and to efficiently realize future simulation environments for NATO and its Partners.


Building upon the Allied Framework for M&S as a Service developed by MSG-136 this activity addresses three main objectives: 1. To advance and to promote the operational readiness of M&S as a Service; 2. To align national efforts and to share national experiences in establishing MSaaS capabilities; 3. To investigate critical research and development topics to further enhance MSaaS benefits. This activity will specify and test an MSaaS infrastructure that is suitable for use in operationally relevant environments and will support continued MSaaS experimentation and evaluation efforts. This activity will also deliver a Technical Report and recommendations with regards to the organizational perspective of introducing MSaaS in NATO and in the Nations. Additional deliverables (e.g., interface specifications, prototype implementations) will be defined by activity members in the final Program of Work. A Technology Demonstration is foreseen for 2019 and 2020, potentially as a Cooperative Demonstration of Technology (CDT).


To address the objectives, this activity will cover the following topics: - Demonstrate MSaaS application in an operational environment through a series of events (e.g., using national MSaaS capabilities or the M&S Enclave on CFBLNet). Annual participation in CWIX to develop MSaaS to maturity through a phased approach. CWIX participation is considered a Cooperative Demonstration of Technology (CDT). - Maintain and enlarge the MSaaS Community of Interest. - Establish interim governance structure and collect experiences wrt MSaaS governance. - Collect and share experiences in establishing MSaaS capabilities and providing M&S services. - Conduct research on M&S-specific service discovery and service composition. - Conduct research and development activities on M&S-specific federated cloud environments, federated identity management and cyber secure communications. - Conduct research on enabling services like scenario specification services, etc. Additionally, the task group will: - Act as governance body for the Allied Framework for M&S as a Service, maintaining and updating (if needed) AMSP-02 (MSaaS Governance Policies), AMSP-06 (MSaaS Reference Architecture) and therein referenced documents of the Allied Framework for M&S as a Service. - Collaborate with international standards bodies (like SISO, IEEE, etc.). - Inform and engage stakeholders in NATO, Academia, and Industry about MSaaS.

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