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Resiliency Concepts to Enhance Preservation of NATO Space Capabilities

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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Architectures, CONOPS, Constellations, Contingency Planning, Counter Space, Protection, Resilience, Satellite, Space, Survivability


NATO is significantly dependent upon space services to conduct its military missions and related responsibilities. The results of the SCI-238 Specialists Meeting on NATO Space Dependencies validated that assertion and identified several areas for enhancement of the resilience of NATO’s use of space to ensure comprehensive mission success. Through SCI-268 Specialists Meeting, the NATO STO created the basis for promoting a shared awareness for NATO space resiliency as well as identifying the most appropriate technical investments for NATO to consider. Improvements in the net resilience of space capabilities provided to NATO including space systems through end user equipment and military operator CONOPS is increasingly recognized by the NATO leadership as being a critical imperative. The NATO Long Term Aspect for the preservation of NATO space capabilities addresses the NATO future perspective on the requirement to ensure that space capabilities provided to NATO are resilient to hostile threats and other factors that have the potential to degrade or deny those space capabilities. To ensure maximum resilience to hostile, environmental and unintentional interference impacts to critical space capabilities provided to NATO from the Alliance members and the commercial sector it is imperative that a common shared perspective be established on the resilience enhancing options available, the implications of existing gaps in resilience, and interoperability implications as well as the priorities for investment in solutions (both materiel and non-materiel).


The objective of the SM is to explore and promote a shared awareness of the implications of existing gaps in resiliency and identify technical, operational and institutional/policy options available and priorities associated with enhancing the resilience of the Alliance and its operations to hostile, environmental, or unintentional interference effects or actions against the sovereign and commercial space capabilities upon which it is critically dependent. Recommendations for technical, operational and institutional options including follow on technical activities within NATO STO will ideally result from the activity.


The following topics will be addressed by this activity: • Spacecraft and component resilience • Architectural / constellation options for resilience • Space system operational CONOPS contributing to resilience • Space services user CONOPS contributing to resilience • Ground segment considerations to increase resilience • Institutional and policy considerations contributing or reducing resilience

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