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EO-IR Countermeasures

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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CM, Countermeasures, EO, EOIR, IR, Lasers, Sacrificial Surrogate, Sensors


Common to most weapon and surveillance systems are sensors that collect data used in forming a threat informational chain of finding, fixing, tracking and targeting. Protection against these systems is provided by the insertion of countermeasures that may disrupt, contaminate, or destroy a sensor’s data collection. The current state of countermeasure technology is evolving swiftly to meet the rapid and spontaneous ways adversaries deploy their weapons systems. Nowhere is this more important than in the following two areas: 1) existing and emerging technology that may be deployed to degrade or defeat existing countermeasures and 2) emerging technology that will allow countermeasures to develop beyond traditional expendables such as flares to directional systems based on lasers. Consequently, it is vital to research both current and emerging EO/IR technology in order to meet these dynamic and rapidly changing requirements. The purpose of this task group, is to establish a group of EO/IR scientists and engineers to research disruptive and emerging EO/IR technologies of both the weapon and the countermeasure systems. Our meetings will serve to establish: 1) a testing methodology, 2) modelling and simulation techniques, and 3) specify and develop hardware for proofing concepts.


(1) Develop, build and exploit a surrogate threat having sacrificial elements for evaluating irradiation effects on individual elements in the optical path. (2) Define 'measures of effectiveness' to evaluate the impact of irradiation on a generic sensor system. Importantly, this will expedite the exchange of data and leverage cost sharing for all other relevant NATO research groups. (3) Develop standards for instrumentation, modelling, analysis, and testing techniques for evaluating countermeasures and countermeasure systems. (4) Provide guidance on emerging disruptive technologies in current countermeasure and common protection systems. (5) Anticipate the technology of future threats, identifying where possible ways to counter the threat. (6) A roadmap for highlight emerging technologies, and understand the research and development needed to achieve the previous objectives.


The group activities will address emerging EO/IR technology and methods of pre-emptive and reactive countermeasures, for example, in-band and out of band lasers, DIRCM, flares and other relevant technologies. This relates specifically to countering threat guidance systems operating in EO/IR such as seekers, ISR cameras, and radar in reversionary mode, assuming prior detection of the threat. Specific methods will be developed including measures of effectiveness, instrumentation (sacrificial elements), modelling and simulation, field testing and related safety.

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