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Realization and Evaluation of Robotic Multispectral Decoys for Land Equipment

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Systems Concepts and Integration

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Camouflage, Concealment, Deception, Obscuration, Survivability


The use of decoys as part of a deception plan has been shown to be effective, both throughout the history of warfare and by recent combat modelling. In future warfare NATO will face increasingly sophisticated weapon and surveillance systems. Camouflage, Concealment and physical Deception (CCD) measures are effective means to counter this threat and to provide enhanced survivability. Over the last decade the effectiveness of sensor systems has been rapidly increasing while CCD has undergone comparatively less development. The SCI 011/RSG 01 Task Group assessed and compared existing technologies for the construction of decoys. A field experiment on decoys showed the promising performance of experimental and state of the art decoys. Collaboration between the scientific and the Operational Research (OR) communities is required.


The objective for this TG (Study) is to investigate and examine the impact of: - the interaction between robotic decoy technical characteristics and potential operational requirements, and - the potential consequences of the use of robotic decoys on military operations and doctrine.


(1) An investigation into the parameters that need to be defined for robotic decoys that will allow them to be used in battlefields e.g. relevant technical specifications. (2) A study will be performed to establish how the required parameters will be determined for various countermeasures.

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