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NATO Core Services Profiling for Hybrid Tactical Networks

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IST-150 (COM)


Information Systems Technology

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C2, CES, Communication, Disadvantaged grids, Information, Integration, Interoperability, NATO Core Services, QoS., SOA, Tactical level, Technology


IST-090: identified improvements + demonstrations on how to make SOA applicable at the tactical level (implying communication over disadvantaged grids). IST-118 performed research and did experiments on: Integration of tactical radios with Core Services and Functional Area Services; Emulator/simulator environment incorporating adaptive video streaming to evaluate and augment experiments with real hardware; Cross-layer coordination to (semi-)automatically determine which data is sent over what channel and when, depending on priority and availability of channels, services, systems, et cetera.


Set of profiles to help deployment of services. Encompasses complete profiles for some services and partial profiles for others. Focus on NATO Core Services deployed on Hybrid Tactical Networks. Wireless communication: radio, satellite, LTE and other wireless carriers. Align results with the FMN concept and extend support for services outside the scope of FMN to Hybrid Tactical Networks.


NATO Core Services Profiling for Hybrid Tactical Networks: combined heterogeneous networks, from narrowband long range to broadband short range mobile tactical wireless systems with mobile and static nodes. Experiments for the optimal deployment of Core Services in FMN-like environment. Inclusion of Collaboration Services. Example is: Battlefield Unified Communications enveloping audio, voice and text (multimedia). Experimentation with medium to large network sizes, using (a combination of): hybrid broadband and narrowband tactical mobile networks; real wireless communication hardware (for example: radio) and emulated mobile nodes.

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