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Exploratory Visual Analytics

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IST-141 (AI2S)


Information Systems Technology

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Exploratory, Visual Analytics, Visualization


Information superiority is one of the primary elements for military dominance; the exploitation of all relevant information from multiple sources is a key factor for NATO’s information superiority.


Visualization and analytics research are essential in addressing the need of the 2015 NATO targets of emphasis in Information Analysis & Decision Support: IA&DS-1 on Decision Support and IA&DS-2 on Big Data & Long Data Processing & analysis. Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by an interactive visual interface . The group investigates and fosters research collaborations in knowledge extraction and data analysis for timely situation awareness and effective decision making. The objectives of IST-141 are thus to research, develop and apply exploratory visual analytics: (1) to exploit and make sense of large and complex data, i.e. Big data; (2) to help make tacit knowledge explicit; (3) to provide acute situation awareness and (4) to support the construction and communication of informed decisions in cyber, maritime, and social media domains as well as the use of batch simulation.


The relevant topics are listed below; emphasis will be given according to the interests of participating nations and to an analysis of the challenges common to the defence and security applications to which they apply: • Sense making • Situational awareness • Decision support and making • Mission planning • Exploitation of distributed data • Data consistency in large connected clouds • Data provenance • Knowledge representation and uncertainty modelling • Partial, remote or distributed data analysis and visualization • Exploitation of unstructured text • Entity, relationship, and event disambiguation and de-confliction • Hypothesis formation, visualization and validation • Mixed initiative story generation • Adaptive context-aware interfaces

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