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Software Defined Network Architectures for the Federated Mission Networks

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IST-142 (COM)


Information Systems Technology

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Federated Mission Network, Network Architecture


The technical framework developed in the context of this study takes into account the overall security challenge as requested by the different milestones of FMN, as requested by NATO and Nations policies, and also describes the security measures related to the technologies (SDN, CCN). The aim is to enable smooth migration of the architecture in compliance with FMN milestones and with its security rules. This activity will tie together military capability aspirations coming from the FMN to the technical principles and capabilities introduced by TACOMS and PCN with the flavor of software-defined architecture coming from the SDN.


1. How suitable SDN is to the military communications in different levels of ORBAT 2. What is the difference between military DNA and commercial DNA on SDN aspects of networking 3. What requirements should be put to the military SDN controller – taking account wide-area networking 4. What kind of new networking opportunities SDN would open for the military communication 5. What kind of potential SDN has for solving intrinsic issues in multi-security domain networking 6. How does SDN change the industrialization and commercial value chain of military communication systems 7. What new challenges in the area of security need to be taken into account when embedding SDN into military networks


• Maturity and suitability of existing SDN and CCN standards in relation to the requirements of military networks – especially for FMN Milestone 2 and 3 aspirations [COTS Standards view] • Impact of SDN concepts for total cost of ownership in tactical communication infrastructure taking account change of the roles in industrialization process [TechnoEconomic view] • Impact of SDN and CCN concept for the capability of tactical networks, especially when SDN is not only considered as implementation technology but a platform on top of which new networking capabilities are designed [Capability view] • Impact of security policies on implementation of SDN and CCN concept in tactical networking. The aim of this topic is to analyze security aspects from different levels of SDN. (1) Platforms - security and trust of the platform hosting the SDN capabilities; (2) Technologies – security aspects of introduced technologies and protocols (SDN, CCN); (3) Architecture - security of the architecture based on available concepts (PCN, TACOMS, FMN) when implemented using SDN approach.

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