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Evidence-based Leader Interventions for Health and Wellness

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Human Factors and Medicine

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Evidencebased, Health, Intervention, Leader, Mental, Military, Physical, Psychological, Total, Wellbeing, Wellness


It has been more than a decade since NATO HFM examined leader strategies for addressing the health of their personnel (Military Leaders’ Strategies for Addressing Stress and Psychological Support). Since then, casualties of combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have been the impetus toward a greater focus on health-related interventions. Current and recent HFM activities have examined health-related interventions, such as Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Optimized Nutrition, Suicide Prevention and Leadership Tools for Suicide Prevention to name a few. However, breakthroughs in the domains of leadership, organizational justice, motivation, work engagement, organizational commitment, workplace well-being, and job-related burnout, among others, have influenced models of health to include an increasing number of psychosocial factors. The result is a greater appreciation for a more holistic (or total) view of health and wellness in the workplace that has triggered action in public and private organizations, including the military. Moreover, scientific evidence demonstrates that employees are nested in multiple contexts, and each of these contexts influences employees’ health and well-being, calling for multilevel models and research that move beyond the individual. Therefore, the most beneficial workplace well-being interventions are likely to combine multiple targets, including the organization, the unit (or team), and the individual. Accordingly, a current examination of evidence-based leader interventions to support service personnel health and wellness from a more holistic perspective is required.


The objective of this symposium is to bring together leading academics and military experts from a variety of health disciplines to consolidate current evidence-based leader interventions that support military personnel health and wellness from a holistic perspective in order to optimize individual and group functioning in operational and non-operational settings.


- Total Health and Wellness in a Military Context (scope, e.g., physical, psychological, spiritual, family, etc.) - Risk and Protective Factors for Health and Wellness in a Military Context - Current Leader Initiatives/Practices to Support Personnel Health and Wellness - Evidence-based Leader Interventions and Tools for Health and Wellness at the Individual, Group, and Organizational Levels - Gaps in Evidence-based Leader Interventions for Health and Wellness in the Miitary - Barriers to Establishing/Identifying Evidence-based Leader Interventions for Health and Wellness in the Military - High Risk Groups: Where Military Leader Interventions for Health and Wellness are Most Necessary

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