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Code of Best Practice for Conducting Survey Research in a Military Context

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System Analysis and Studies

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Accuracy, Data Collection, Estimation, Nonresponse, Quality, Sampling, Survey, Weighting


High-quality survey data are crucial for providing information about a broad range of military policy issues. However, high-quality survey research is time-consuming and can be costly. Many NATO nations face the challenge of supporting survey data requests with limited survey research capability and have inadequate support from survey methodologists. Some NATO nations have to rely on commercial contractors due to their limited survey research capability and expertise. As a result, defence analysts and other survey end-users are at risk of providing low-quality survey data to senior military leaders, leading to poorly informed decisions.


The RTG brings together defence analysts (1) to identify scientific techniques in conducting survey research for military use and (2) to develop a code of best practice that provides concise guidelines for conducting survey research in a military context in order to ensure the scientific rigor of survey results.


The RTG will examine all the aspects of/steps in survey research in a military context, including: · Methods and software that can be used to conduct survey research in a military context (e.g., survey item development and testing, sampling design and coordination, data collection, data processing, weighting, analysis); · Methods that overcome challenges of survey research in a military context (e.g., security issues, non-response); and · Approaches that can be taken to ensure the quality of survey research in a military context (e.g., quality assurance frameworks, support for operational requirements).

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