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SWEAT (Soldier System Weapon & Equipment Assessment Tool)

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System Analysis and Studies

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Effectiveness, Investment, Metrics, Objective, Operational Readiness, Optimization of Material Acquisition, Small Arm Weapons and Enablers, Soldier System Lethality, Standardization, System Effectiveness, Testing, Training


To optimize small arms capability, it’s important to use an overall system approach; weapons, ammunition, optics/enablers, Soldier equipment, training, and human factors should be designed and integrated as matched components. There is a lack of measurable, effects-based standards for Soldier System measures of effectiveness. This impacts the ability for NATO nations to precisely define small arm requirements and evaluate potential solutions in operationally relevant scenarios.


The study will bring together researchers across disciplines to develop higher fidelity, operationally relevant assessment methodology and metrics. This will enable effective analysis of the performance of Soldier System lethality as a function of non-materiel and materiel combinations.


Determination of the equipment necessary to provide a repeatable, modular, configurable, scalable, role based measure of the impact of materiel and non-materiel changes on Soldier System lethality. Data output to account for shot location, accuracy, engagement time, movement time and body exposure, metrics and measures of effectiveness amongst others. Metrics may include; X,Y,T shot location, height, type of target hit, weight, time to engage, carried load, time to complete run, training level, heart rate, demographics, body temperature, wind profile downrange, body position, air temperature, range location, range weather conditions, shooter body exposure, weapon orientation, weapon and equipment configuration, NATO Probability of Hit data (D14), Incapacitation (STANREC 4513), and Dismounted Personnel Targets (STANAG 4512).

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