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Minimum requirement of education and training of surgeons deployable in multinational missions

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Human Factors and Medicine

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Combat surgery, harmonization, multinational surgical teams, standardization, surgical skills, training


Multinational team building plays a keyrole in military missions. Even if the provision of medical care is first of all a national obligation over the last years interchange of experts became more and more common. Building multinational teams will save personal ressources for the participating nations and provide high level expertise to the deployed soldiers. There are different ways of medical education and training in Europe (even different from nation to nation), Canada and the USA. In Europe training in combat surgery is not part of the education and training of surgeons at all. Standards of surgical skills which have to be possessed by a combat surgeons are not defined which is often an obstacle to the building of multinational surgical teams.


The goal oft the RTG is developing a standardized and harmonized catalogue of abilities and skills they have to be achieved by a combat surgeon before beeing deployed. This catalogue should be become the baseline for the national pre-deployement training. For this reason the existing national training concepts should be assessed and harmonized; later on this will lead to an adjustmet oft the national training concepts. Based on the standardized catalogue of surgical abilities and skills an international training concept can be developed, probaly by using existing ressources in different countries.


• combat injuries • surgical procedures and esp. rare surgical procedures in casualty care • abilities and skills of combat surgeons o differentiation for role 2 to role 4? • training concepts for combat surgeons in NATO nations • evaluation and certification of training and skills • national and multinational team building • national rules for medical education and training • legal issues in the field of medical care, including o acceptance of medical licences from foreign countries o acceptance of medical training performend in a foreign country o special regulations for military personnell o liabilty issues • multinational training ressources for combat surgeons

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