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Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS)

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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Acquisition Support, Exercising, Experimentation, Mission Rehearsal, Modelling and Simulation as a Service, Operational Analysis, Operational Decision Support, Synthetic Environment, Training, Wargaming


The technical concept of Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) was initially defined by the Specialist Team (ST) MSG-131 in response to NATO-wide demand for M&S. The ST reported in 2014 and also identified various open issues with regards to MSaaS, spanning a broad range from technical to organizational questions. To address these issues a follow-on research task group MSG-136 was formed in 2014 and reported in 2017 on the MSaaS concept development to provide rapid deployment of interoperable and credible simulation. It then started the next task group MSG-164 that will mature MSaaS from a lab environment to an operationally relevant environment and conduct necessary research and development efforts.



The lectures would provide government/military/industry leaders and technical staff with sufficient information to enable them to understand MSaaS from concept to ecosystem and the benefits that would bring. The lectures would be held over a two day period. For all: • To provide the audience with an overview of the MSaaS technical concept and definitions; • To illustrate the operational relevance and utility of MSaaS through example use-cases; • To present the proposed business model and benefits of MSaaS; • To receive feedback concerning the business model and operational utility of MSaaS; • To receive feedback on additional issues that need to be addressed in order to promote the uptake of MSaaS ecosystem by customers, users and suppliers. For military/industry technical staff: • To provide detailed information on MSaaS technical concept including some highlights of the various experimentation and concept demonstration events; • To provide detailed information on the emerging technical reference architecture and standards; • To share proposals for key enablers for MSaaS ecosystem business model; • To share methods for meeting commercial and national security requirements; • To highlight national and supplier base emerging MSaaS implementations.

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