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Active and Passive 3D EO/IR Sensing for Urban Operations

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Sensors & Electronics Technology

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3D Imaging, 3D Mapping, Laser Radar, Passive 3D, PhotonCounting, Urban Operations


Under several preceding RTG’s, NATO has advanced the State-of-the-Art for active imaging and laser radar. These groups have contributed to NATO advances in active sensors, and the development of advanced discriminants for targeting and fire control. Over these many years, a wide variety of active imaging techniques and systems have been developed, such as scanning laser radar, 3D flash laser radar, 2D gated SWIR imaging, digital holography systems and vibration sensing. Additionally, these techniques or systems are applied to a wide variety of tactical applications, such as targeting and fire control, and long range target ID, human target/hostile intent.


The technical objectives of this proposed ET are to build consensus on the 3D imaging and data requirements for tactical activities in the urban environment. The panel will coordinate the activities of the member nations in the most recent sensor development and the tools and processes for utilization of active and passive 3D sensing data. Active and passive 3D sensing techniques will evaluated and compared for achieving the consensus requirements. If the ET results in an RTG, an objective to explore a variety of 3D sensors through a joint international field-test will be considered. Technology and hardware will be evaluated against military sensing requirements in an urban setting. Evaluations will be based on a clear set of metrics, such as range capability, resolution, frame rate, size and weight, as well as effectiveness to achieve military goals.


Active imaging sensors such as scanning or flash laser radar, photon-counting laser radar, passive 3D sensing, sensing requirements in the urban environment, laser radar use in tactical applications, laser radar for autonomous and robotic vehicles, targeting and fire control, input to ATR algorithms, hostile target ID, change detection, IED detection, human metrics, reconnaissance and surveillance.

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