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Commercial Technologies and Games for Use in NATO and Nations - 16th WSh

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NATO Modelling and Simulation Group

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cultural, immersion, modelling, simulation, social, social media, training, virtual worlds


The commercial sector is developing key technologies and applications that have the potential for cost-effective adaptation for defence exploitation and use in modelling and simulation (M&S) applications such as defence planning, training, operations and capabilities development. The NMSG has recognised the importance of (low-cost) commercial technologies and addressed its use in a series of workshops that are being organised at regular intervals. The objective of the workshops is for all participants to develop a shared understanding of the issues and opportunities.


Through demonstration, experimentation, discussion and debate, attendees will acquire knowledge and experience in the relevant topic areas. Technical and application briefings and demonstrations on selected commercial technology areas will help the attendees to better understand the issues so that they may more properly aid in the development of the strategy for the NATO and the Nations to exploit these technologies. The workshop proceedings will include all presentations, a summary of the discussions and recommendations for NATO and the Nations.


• Applications of (low-cost) commercial simulations, digital games, and social networking tools; • Specific challenges with using these tools for education and training, as well as strategies for overcoming these challenges in order to achieve successful learning experiences; • Practical impact of these technologies in preparing warfighters; • Practical impact of these technologies in educating support trades such as medical, supply, transportation, and police; and • The future of these technologies and their impact on training and other military domains.

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