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Technical Support to NATO Future Rotorcraft Requirements

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Applied Vehicle Technology

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Active flight control systems Avionic architectures Compound helicopter Future technology Helicopter Human factors Rotorcraft Survivability Tiltrotor Vertical lift, Helicopter, NATO Staff Target, Rotorcraft


The ST links the NGRC ToE with rotorcraft technology developments ongoing within NATO nations. A previous activity (AVT-245, Future Rotorcraft Requirements), identified common rotorcraft needs, replacement timeframe and opportunities for the NATO rotorcraft fleet. AVT-245 resulted in a recommendation for a multi NATO organization effort to develop a strategy for the future of rotorcraft in NATO. This ST was established to provide the interface between that strategic activity and ongoing technical activities within STO.


The ST delivers technology expertise to the NGRC ToE and NIAG SG.219 over its two year duration, and will provide awareness to STO of the ToE’s activities.


The ToE will bring together experts with a wide range of specialisations including (but not limited to) doctrine, tactics, acquisition and support, operations and technology. It is intended that this ST will deliver the technology expertise to the ToE. Areas of specific interest will include: Active Flight Control Systems, Advanced Materials, Future (Avionic) Architectures and Human Factors. Initially the emphasis will be to develop a broad view of where these technologies are going rather than a deep understanding.

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